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Blood Feud One-The Kaantira Heir

As the heir apparent to the Elven Queen, Tamarisk's only purpose is to wait for a day she never wants to come. Tamarisk isn't a great mage like her mother, or a great warrior like her father, Brial Ka'breona. In fact, there's pretty much nothing left for her to be great at except confusion. Plus there's the baffling Anteros de Ceolliune always hanging around to make things even more confusing.

But the Elven Queen is vulnerable, frail now after years of dealing with her injuries from the war with the gods. Discord is brewing between the seven human kingdoms and the demimortal races. The Elves are becoming dangerously over-crowded. And there's a new, unknown enemy of divine origin who seems to have declared a blood feud with the Ka'antira as a whole.

When tragedy strikes the Elven realm, Tamarisk has to find a way to crawl out from beneath her heroic parents' shadow, and evolve into a Ka'antira heir on her own terms. If she lives that long.

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"Seriously, this series is my crack. I can't express how much I enjoy fantasy with a strong woman at its core. I can only wonder what it's like for the children being raised by a woman who has become a legend in her time. If the author reads this, I hope she considers adding to the series."

"...I didn’t want to stop reading Summers’ books. Whereas I usually spend a few hours each day with each of the books I am currently reading, I became so engrossed with Summers’ characters that I simply read The Asphodel Cycle from volume 1 page 1 until the last page of volume 4.

I enjoy a lot of books but there aren’t many that I read that I can say brought tears to my eyes, caused me to laugh, or caused me to feel choked with emotion. But Summers’ characterizations and dialogue in The Asphodel Cycle did bring all those emotions and more to me, enhancing the pleasure of these books..." An American Editor

 "The writing is exactly what you'd want--so smooth, so complete, so precise in its descriptions that you forget there is a (very human) writer behind the vivid images and succinct action. A female protagonist, revenge, war, with romantic entanglements and monarchical rites, this is a truly epic page-turner. I never got lost in the world building and when I had to put the book down and return to it, I was able to pick right back up without missing a beat. To me, that's the mark of a great story. Even with a large cast of human and fantastic characters, each was memorable, distinct, and entertaining enough that I never got lost... I just got lost IN reading! "