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​​Coming September 22, 2017

Stalked by the Zozo Demon 
Real Life Paranormal Experiment

by Celina Summers and Tim Wood

During June and July of 2017, paranormal investigator Tim Wood set out on a quest to contact the Ouija Board demon known as Zozo every night for a month. This was the first time a paranormal research team conducted an experiment of this nature, live streamed it to tens of thousands of witnesses, and published its results two months later.
But this is also a personal story of one man's lifelong quest into the realm of the demonic and how that brought him into contact not only with the Zozo entity, but an author with a very different background. Together, they set out to determine if Zozo was real, or if it was just an urban legend…the “Ouija board demon”.
By the end of the month, their quest yielded surprising results, all of which were documented in real time on video. And they'd both been affected by the experiment, in very different ways.
But they also had to answer a terrifying question: were they stalking the Zozo demon? Or was Zozo stalking them?


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"Seriously, this series is my crack. I can't express how much I enjoy fantasy with a strong woman at its core. I can only wonder what it's like for the children being raised by a woman who has become a legend in her time. If the author reads this, I hope she considers adding to the series."

"...I didn’t want to stop reading Summers’ books. Whereas I usually spend a few hours each day with each of the books I am currently reading, I became so engrossed with Summers’ characters that I simply read The Asphodel Cycle from volume 1 page 1 until the last page of volume 4.

I enjoy a lot of books but there aren’t many that I read that I can say brought tears to my eyes, caused me to laugh, or caused me to feel choked with emotion. But Summers’ characterizations and dialogue in The Asphodel Cycle did bring all those emotions and more to me, enhancing the pleasure of these books..." An American Editor

 "The writing is exactly what you'd want--so smooth, so complete, so precise in its descriptions that you forget there is a (very human) writer behind the vivid images and succinct action. A female protagonist, revenge, war, with romantic entanglements and monarchical rites, this is a truly epic page-turner. I never got lost in the world building and when I had to put the book down and return to it, I was able to pick right back up without missing a beat. To me, that's the mark of a great story. Even with a large cast of human and fantastic characters, each was memorable, distinct, and entertaining enough that I never got lost... I just got lost IN reading! "